Simple and fun, this new game concept could make you addicted.
An average game takes 5 or 10 minutes.

On mobile, rotate the cube with your finger, anywhere on the screen.
On PC, use the arrow keys of your keyboard.

To make a great score, you will need speed, luck and concentration.
You can rapidly earn points with combos.
The game is really easy on first levels, but become insane on next levels.
When the green bar is empty, the game is over.

At the time I publish this game, I can reach level 8. Can you beat me ?

Have fun, please share with your friends, and if the game please you, I will add content in the future.

This game was made with Blender & the Armory 3d engine.

Any suggestion or remark is welcome.



GenrePuzzle, Action


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Nice game, very very very addictive but painful ( if u don't know how to take your keyboard ;)

                                   A VOTRE SERVICE !          

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Bravo 🥇

A votre service !

Very nice game, I really like the idea :)

Thanks :)


Nice game ;-). Good music too

Hi QC, happy to see you :)


Nice game.  I got to level 6.   It like that the challange slowly increases as the levels increase and how the music gets faster when you're running out of time.  Its a fun game and the puzzle aspect of having to rotate the cube to get the shape to match is interesting. Good job!

Thanks :)